Automating Your Messages Saves You Hours of Your Time & Time is Money.

The following companies specialize in automating communication between you and your guests.  They are not listed in any specific order or endorsed by the NSTRA unless noted.


Automate personalized human-sounding conversations. Notify your team about new tasks automatically.
Synchronize your calendar across platforms.



Hospitality Messaging on Autopilot. The all-in-one multichannel messaging automation platform that connects hosts and guests.

Host Tools

Being a host shouldn't be a full-time job. Save up to 80% of the time you spend messaging guests, updating availability, or chasing reviews.

Rue Ba Rue

Happier Guests, Happier You. Provide world-class hospitality that keeps guests coming back without drowning you in repeat questions and needless tasks. Increase efficiency. Drive more revenue. Spend less time doing it.

Concierge Bot

Give your brand a voice. Chatbots and voice assistants for SMS, WhatsApp, voice, and web.